Venetian Bay Featured Resident: Jane Radell, Owner of Snap Fitness

Sat, May 30, 2015 at 10:30AM

Venetian Bay Featured Resident: Jane Radell, Owner of Snap Fitness

Some people grow up never knowing their neighbors. That’s not the case here in Venetian Bay, and that’s certainly not the case for Jane and Tom Radell, the owners of Snap Fitness. I had the chance to speak with Jane Radell and ask her a few questions about her local business here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Snap Fitness is a nationwide 24-hour gym and fitness center where members can find cardio, strength and fitness plans at affordable prices.

Venetian Bay: Tell me about Snap Fitness in your own words. What can people only know after signing up?

Jane Radell: At Snap Fitness we’re all about customer service. We’ve created a community setting that is focused on our members. We host frequent events with our member to make sure everybody feels at home. We’re a small fitness facility and everybody feels welcome when they’re here. We’ve work hard to accomplish this. We’ve been here for seven years. We were the first commercial business in Venetian Bay; when we started, there were no cars and barely any people. The way this community has grown is amazing.

VB: When did you and your husband start the New Smyrna Beach Snap Fitness?

JR: As you know, Snap Fitness is a franchise. We first opened this Snap Fitness in 2008. This was our first gym, and there are 1,400 franchised gyms out there. We’re the proud owners of the New Smyrna Beach Snap Fitness.

VB: Why are you in business? What really inspired you to start Snap Fitness?
JR: The fact that we only have one body inspired me to start Snap Fitness, and we stay in business so we can keep giving back to the community.

VB: Where was the first Snap Fitness located?

JR: Snap Fitness originated in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and now there are 1,400 locations across the United States. And there’s one in Canada too!

VB: Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

JR: We’re all about our members; they’re our number one priority. You don’t get that at other gyms. We also service our equipment every three months. Here at the New Smyrna Beach location, I know everyone by name. Plus, we throw good parties. And we try to support the community.

VB: Are the parties at the gym or in the Venetian Bay community?

JR: The parties are in the community. We’ll host a 5K walk in Venetian Bay. The last party I threw, I had catered by Publix and a local restaurant. Our members like to work out hard, but they also like to have a good time. We try to give back as much as we can.

We were voted Gym of the Year four years in a row by the News Journal, the Southeast Volusia edition, for Star of the South. Voting starts June 20th this year. My members vote, they’re engaged. I know the members’ names, their families, the names of their grandkids. This is a community.

VB: To what do you attribute the large success you have had at Snap Fitness?

JR: We didn’t want to be a highway gym, we wanted to be a community gym, and that works very well.

VB: What unique values do you bring to the community?

JR: As a business, we bring a sense of community and charity. We know everybody. We participate in food drives, provide donations for the homeless military in Daytona, and just try to give back to the community and try to change lives as much as we can. When someone enters our gym with their head hung low, we make it our goal to make this person feel great and be happy and proud to be part of this community we’ve created.
AVBS: What is the future for Snap Fitness?

JR: Our future is to continue enjoying and changing our members’ lives.

Phone interview between Venetian Bay and Jane Radell, May 29th 2015.

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